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LET’S TALK M&E episode2

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  In the last post we introduced you to M&E. Today we continue to talk more about monitoring and evaluation. To catch up click on the link…don’t get left behind.…

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WHAT IS MONITORING AND EVALUATION? Are you considering M&E for your organization? Before investing in M&E, we would like to review the basics of M&E for beginners. For the month…

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Data Revolution

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As we look back at the different types of global revolutions that have occurred: agrarian, industrial and digital revolutions, it is evident that they brought about significant changes that made…

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Gender Statistics

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Over the years, the world has been embracing statistics as a tool for development. What statistics does is that it gives facts and figures that aid in decision making. This…

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Collaboration and Partnerships – A flexible approach

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Over the years, organizations have realized the importance of collaboration to actualize projects and meet objectives. With collaboration, different skills are brought on board, ensuring that there is an expert…

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Global Goals for Local Impact

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On 1st January 2016, the sustainable development goals (SDGs) officially rolled out and all governments were encouraged to take ownership and find ways of implementing them. The SDGs took over…

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Baseline Surveys

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Baseline surveys are done before a project kicks off; to act as a benchmark for measuring project success or failure. Why baseline surveys are vital for any project: Pre-kickoff:Through the…

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Community Engagement

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An organization has just completed a well engineered water supply project, incorporating quality piping and taps with running water directly to the houses of over 400,000 inhabitants. All timelines met,guidelines…

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