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An organization has just completed a well engineered water supply project, incorporating quality piping and taps with running water directly to the houses of over 400,000 inhabitants. All timelines met,guidelines adhered to and the team finally actualizing their goal; improved access to water. The organization had identified that women would often go to the river to fetch water and this would cause back problems. Tapped water would eliminate the need for the women to have to go to the river to fetch water, hence reduce the occurrence of back complications.

One year later, to the team’s surprise, women are still going to fetch water at the well, and have even increased in number. Why? The women loved going to fetch water in the well. It was the only time they had as women to socialize and truly express themselves.  Could the team have been able to prevent this from happening?Pre-assessments and research, not those technical engineering ones that involve land assessment and so on, but assessment and consultation with communities with research on the social aspects would have been able to give indicators that fetching of water was also a social activity. This would have enabled the implementers to understand the social aspects of fetching water and incorporate it in the implementation plan.

This is why we love meaningful data and most importantly engagement with communities. We can save a lot of energy, time and effort by first understanding the context we are implementing our projects before we actualize any concepts. Hence why at Considr we believe data and strategic engagements are invaluable aspects of any projects to ensure knowledge based decisions are always made.

Research and M&E can be applied across a wide range of sectors such as corporate, NGOs both large and small and governments. It can also be applied in different stages of projects; Before implementation, key stages in the implementation of the project, at the end of a project and after the project to evaluate impact. It is advised to apply M&E at different stages of a project.

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