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M&E Frameworks Overview

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Frameworks overview

In the previous blogs we talked about the M&E frameworks (ToC, the LogFrame and the Results Framework). These are:

The Log Frame: The Log Frame is simply a tool for improving the planning, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation of projects.

Theory of Change: ToC is a comprehensive description and illustration of how and why a desired change is expected to happen in a particular context.

The Result Framework: The RF is a graphical portrayal of the development hypothesis through which implementers can achieve their goals.

These frameworks are important each in its own way,but collectively they assist in :

  1. The understanding and analyzation of a programme.
  2. Defining relationships among inputs,activities,outputs,outcomes and impact.
  3. Clarification of relationship between  programme activities and external factors.
  4. Determining whether the questions being asked are appropriate ones for understanding how “successful” the intervention has been with respect to its expected objectives and outcomes.

source :http://www.endvawnow.org/en/articles/335-monitoring-and-evaluation-frameworks-3-parts.html

How are they represented?

Though they are all used in projects, these frameworks have different appearances/representations. The diagrams below represent how these frameworks a represented in diagrammatic representations.


  • The Log Frame


The logframe is an expression of the “Results chain” – results that you expect the project to achieve.The figure below shows a logframe is represented.

to understand more about the logframe check out :https://www.considr.in/?p=5017


  • The Theory of Change


The theory of change has no specified format. The ToC is usually developed under brainstorming sessions. Below represents the logic of a ToC.

To get more information about the ToC click on the link :https://www.considr.in/?p=5029


  • The Result Framework


In this framework, result levels have distinct labels which are associated with the degree of responsibility for their achievements as well as their relationship to other results on the diagram. See diagram below:

To fully understand the Results framework click https://www.considr.in/?p=5017


All these frameworks increase our understanding of the projects objectives and goals,define the relationships between factors key to implementation,and articulates the internal and external elements that could affect the programmes element the programmes success. These frameworks explain how a project is supposed to work by laying out the steps needed to achieve the desired results.




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